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Change in Temperament

In the fall of my son’s Kindergarten year, a shift occurred. He was a typical rough and tumble little boy, and seemingly overnight, there was a noticeable change in his temperament – and it wasn’t for the better.   As first time Kindergarten parents, his father and I were plugged in and excited about what lay ahead […]

The Book Club

For a number of painful years, I felt so alone in my world of mothering addiction. Then miraculously, one by one, I crossed paths with old friends and acquaintances who also came out of the shadows to reveal their reality of having an addict child.  Five of us (mothers) formed a small Al-Anon group, where we have been following […]

Rock Bottom

How many times have you heard the term rock bottom ?  It can relate to many struggles of life …. jobs, marriage, children and, of course, addiction. It’s a relative term. What one substance abuser calls rock bottom, another one might call just getting warmed up. My son has been incarcerated several times for drug related charges. My husband and […]

Addiction Trip

When I travel, I’ll type my destination into a GPS to make sure I don’t get lost along the way.Addiction has no road map or GPS.  It’s an endless drag punctuated by slow climbs, out of control downhills and harrowing hairpin turns — an accident waiting to happen.Parents drive this highway a car length or two behind their […]