Lock Up Your Meds

On July 2, Ken Cuccinelli, Attorney General of Virginia, held a press conference to launch, Lock Up Your Meds, a public safety announcement campaign, exposing prescription drug abuse among youth.   Cuccinelli appeals to families to safely store their meds under lock and key, so that “our medicine cabinets don’t become our neighborhood drug suppliers.”

Ann Reardon, a prosecutor with the AG’s office, kicked off the program by relating the powerful story of her 17 year old son, Robert, who died two years ago after suspected abuse of prescription meds.  She is working to increase awareness of this type of abuse in an effort to help prevent other families from suffering such an unspeakable loss.

As a co-founder and board member of the JHW Foundation, Roz Watkins was invited to attend the launch.  She and her husband, Johnny, also know firsthand, the agony of losing a child to alcohol and pain killers. www.jhwfoundation.org

I’m thankful Roz and Ann are brainstorming ways in which the Foundation may be able to support the State’s new initiatives.