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Back to Glennon Doyle

Back to Glennon Doyle and her bestseller, Love Warrior.  www.motheringaddiction.com – Oct 9, 2017  Can you tell I’m a fan? If I picked a scab in Mothering Addiction, Glennon evacuated an obstructed bowel in Love Warrior. No kidding. And good for her. Glennon gets tangled up when asked repeatedly by “her village,” a simple question […]

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Energy Vampires

I’m addicted to podcasts. They’re short, to-the-point and easy to access, boiling the meat of the subject matter down to the average attention span. Karen Brody’s Daring to Rest podcast, where she interviews Dr. Christiane Northrup about her new book, Dodging Energy Vampires, is a must-listen-to-immediately broadcast. Especially for women. Energy vampires do precisely what their name implies. […]