Prime Time

I’m not saying how many times a day I’ve been checking Amazon to see if my book is live and ready for order … more than two. Fewer than nine. This book and I have been dating for sometime now. Needless to say, I’m ready for climax. Nothing is so frustrating as being almost there but getting left high and dry. Well, folks, I’m there! Today my Amazon search yielded the following link, which I am beyond gratified to share. Thank you for your interest and support. I’m so eager to hear what you think. And I know you’ll pardon my metaphor.


Mothering Addiction: A parent’s story of heartache, healing, and keeping the door open

by Lynda Harrison Hatcher

Stay tuned!

I’m grateful for the support, encouragement and amazing words of kindness! Many of you have asked how to order “Mothering Addiction,” and just as soon as I have that information from my publisher as well as the Amazon link, I will share. Should be within a few weeks. Stay tuned!

“Mothering Addiction,” the book, coming this summer

I have learned many truths about addiction, and one of the most universal is that it thrives in dark, secret places. Silence and shame choke words and honesty. My journey as a mother raising a child struggling with addiction has long been about stepping out of darkness into the light, and allowing illumination to bring growth. As necessary and life changing as standing in that light feels, it can be hot and uncomfortable, too. I acknowledge both and in that spirit, announce the Summer 2017 release of my book, Mothering Addiction. It is my story of hitting bottom, healing, and remaining open to possibilities. My hope is that my story creates dialog where words are needed and reflection where honesty is required.