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  DOPESICK by Virginia journalist and author Beth Macy released in early August to praise for her investigative and in-depth look at the birthplace of the opioid crisis – Appalachia – and the dealers, doctors and drug company that addicted America. “On remembering each death is a tragedy: ‘We lost 72,000 people last year — up […]

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Emotionally Naked Review

Thank you to Anne Moss Rogers for her “Mothering Addiction” review I am catching up on my reading since writing my own book. This one was on my list and it’s a page turner. Lynda is emotionally naked, revealing the cracks in her marriage, her family, and her own mental health along the way. Watching our loved […]

“Highly Recommended!”

I eagerly and a little nervously opened an email today from Susan Keefe of “The Columbia Review.” I had been dying to hear what she thought of “Mothering Addiction.” She liked it. And called it a “harrowing, no-holds-barred memoir.” Holy crap, Batman! Read her entire review here and please pass it on. http://www.thecolumbiareview.com/mothering-addiction-paren…/