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Even the most outgoing parent of an addict may find herself dreading those ubiquitous holiday social events. For the most part, I’m an extrovert and LOVE a good party. But, some years I’ve wanted to ignore every f…ing invitation and go underground until all of the festiveness and fellowship is over. Even though I have […]

Team Therapy and Tucker’s

Today, I am at a peaceful place, in my head and in my heart.  I’m still on the same uncertain journey with my son, but I now have the tools to start each day with clarity and resilience.  It wasn’t easy to get here – it took a tremendous amount of soul-searching, emotional work.  Although […]

2 New Normals

While watching the nightly news recently, my husband made an indignant, but compelling remark about one of the many reasons our country has reached a 16 trillion dollar national debt.  I won’t quote him because it wouldn’t be ladylike, but here is the gist…  the American people have been repeatedly (nudged) towards overspending, by those who […]

Technology Pandemic

This morning, I saw something online that stopped me in my tracks.  An unflattering picture on Facebook of a familiar teenager who looked high as a kite. No, it wasn’t the camera causing the red-eye.  I’ve seen that same photo of my own child.   I decided to write about what I consider to be a new age […]