Even the most outgoing parent of an addict may find herself dreading those ubiquitous holiday social events. For the most part, I’m an extrovert and LOVE a good party. But, some years I’ve wanted to ignore every f…ing invitation and go underground until all of the festiveness and fellowship is over. Even though I have a pure and profound interest, it’s hard to hear the litany of accomplishments of everyone else’s child when yours is holding on for dear life.

Somehow, the show must go on. And it does, by the grace of the season and every ounce of energy you can muster.

Christmas 2012 could be described as controlled chaos. That, I can celebrate.

Shopping, buying, wrapping, delivering, decorating, dressing, socializing, unwrapping, worshipping, undressing, sleeping, grocery shopping, cooking, eating, cleaning … repeating. And a  little yoga in between.

Blended family, extended family, keeping in touch with out-of-town immediate family and communion with friends. Through this whirlwind, two unexpected gifts emerged.

(1) My son was transferred from the permanent housing unit into a sober living/halfway house. He will remain under the umbrella of the State Prison System for the duration of his parole. The halfway house will give him more freedom and flexibility within walls of accountability. He can take advantage of two meals a day and hold down a full time job. A percentage of what he earns goes towards sustenance for the house.

(2) He now has a full time sales job, a huge boost for all of us, especially for him.

Halfway houses can provide a much-needed support system for offenders so they are able to readjust to the demands of daily life. With monitoring and aftercare, the hope is to reduce relapse/recidivism.  A halfway house can also be a viable solution for the addict who has not been incarcerated but is in search of a neutral zone in which to live, regroup and redirect.

Here’s to:
early mornings of peace and quiet…
positive transitions…

Happy 2013 !!!

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