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Mixed Blessings

One of my favorite songs is “Blessed”, by Martina McBride.  The lyrics are a mantra to me and I have been known to belt them out in front of the bathroom mirror.       (I love to sing, although some might say I need lessons.) During the holidays, a lot of emphasis is placed […]

Dr. Oz and ADHD

I LOVE The Dr. Oz Show !(I have also met Dr. Oz, although he wouldn’t remember ….) On today’s show, (Nov.21)  Drs. Ned Hallowell and Sue Varma, leading experts in ADHD, discussed adult ADHD.  Although we associate ADHD with children, millions of adults have this medical condition and it is often undiagnosed, especially in women. Red […]


Over lunch recently, my friend, Kathleen, offered some good advice: “Write about the happy times, too.”  She has been following my blog and I asked her for some much needed feedback… for two reasons.  We have parented children together and she knows a lot of the struggles our family has been through over the years.  And, […]

2 Book Recommendations

I’ve been searching bookstores for addiction resources.Many books, written by experts, tackle this complex subject from an academicstandpoint.  I’ve found a number of books, written by the addicts themselves, chronicling their personal journeys through hell and back.Books written by the parents of substance abusers are notably scarce, probably because reliving the experience is excruciating.Two that I highly […]