The Book Club

For a number of painful years, I felt so alone in my world of mothering addiction. 

Then miraculously, one by one, I crossed paths with old friends and acquaintances who also came out of the shadows to reveal their reality of having an addict child.  
Five of us (mothers) formed a small Al-Anon group, where we have been following the 12 Steps.  
We call ourselves The Book Club.  
Easier to say when you don’t want to get into details…  
We cry, we belly laugh, we spew expletives – VERY therapeutic – and then we get back to the 12 Steps.  
The focus remains on ourselves and how we can reframe our relationship 
with our child. 
Alot easier said than done.

To this day, it doesn’t take much for those old emotions to push back up to the surface and attempt to wear me down again. 

Now, I have a small group of angels who are but a phone call away…  🙂 


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