“Where is God in your story?”

LHH, fall beachA friend recently asked me, “Where is God in your story?” She asked me in a friend way, not in an accusatory way. I think it’s a good question. Other than a few quotes by Frederick Buechner, I don’t have many overt references to the spiritual world. Yet, my story is all about God. Every part of “Mothering Addiction” – the situations, the outcomes, the people, and the words to convey what they all mean – is interwoven with God and His redemptive nature in such a way that they are one in the same. I mean, only God can turn addiction inside out to reveal silver linings. I don’t want to rank any of the ways He has worked above another, but I will say that in my journey of healing, people have over and over delivered to me exactly what I needed at the time I needed it. I have no other explanation than God, and I am grateful. 

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