THE VISIT … I read the first page of “Mothering Addiction” for the umpteenth time today. My familiarity with it doesn’t change the mix of questions and emotions it stirs. First up is, “What on earth have I done? Why have I written publicly about my son in jail?” It feels like the dream where I forget to show up for a final exam or to wear a bra to the grocery store.  Then I remember, “Oh, yeah. Those feelings are why I did it … to overcome anxiety and shame.” A steely purpose surfaces. The last sentence on the page brings it home: “He was worth every mile and every minute.” And then love takes the lead, calming my anxiety and strengthening my purpose. My story starts and ends with love. Period. I didn’t plan that first page break, but it is perfect. Check out the “Look Inside” feature, now active on amazon, allowing you to read a few sample pages. #motheringaddiction #lovingwhilelettinggo


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