Southwest Trip List

1 week trip to the Southwest
visiting friends and my children = 

2 flights –
   1 at the crack
1 late luggage arrival –
   checked through to Salt Lake,
   went first to Detroit ?
3 nights with friends in Utah
2 back to back stomach bugs
2 hikes –
   carrying tail end of stomach bug
1 touristy chairlift ride
1 rainy outdoor evening concert and picnic –
   Railroad Earth and Bruce Hornsby
1 sushi dinner party
1 uneventful flight to CO
1 fairly flexible husband – to be determined
1 airconditioned rental car
2 luxury hotels
1 unairconditioned daughter’s car
5 edgy restaurants
1 cookout for 20 plus East Coast 20 somethings
1 amazing home cooked Italian dinner with SC friends
1 trendy Farmer’s Market
1 circuitous trip to Red Rocks (without water)
1 Mexican lunch in Morrison, CO.
1 airport hotel
2 uneventful flights –
  1 at the crack
1/4 passengers still in sleepwear
1 husband happily waving goodbye
1 drive back from PA.
1 reunion with Ginny
1 familiar and really comfortable king size bed

There is absolutely no place like home.


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