No Picnic

My son is transitioning from a Colorado county jail to a minimum security penitentiary.  Try using the words “my son” and “penitentiary” in the 
same sentence.  
But he was convicted of possession and distribution charges.

He is currently at a Reception and Diagnostic Center, where he’s being 
evaluated to determine which medical, social and educational services 
he’ll receive as an inmate.  The assessment process can take up to a month.  
During that time, the penitentiary mandates a 23-hour lockdown –
no picnic.  After the Diagnostic Center completes their work up, he’ll be 
moved into the prison system to continue serving his time.

He should remain there until the first quarter of 2013.  
He’s been incarcerated several times, just never at the State level.  
One of my prayers is that he’ll get a little more traction this time.  
The Department of Corrections (DOC) offers opportunities for work, 
education and therapy.  
Telephone communication is limited while he’s in this facility, so he’s been 
using the downtime to write letters.

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